March 1: Portal Opens to access Letter of Intent (LOI) and Grant Application forms
June 1: LOI Deadline
August 1: Grant Application Deadline


Please visit the Grant Guidelines page to ensure your request for funding meets the DEW Foundation’s areas of interest and guidelines.

If you are a FIRST TIME Applicant, please VERIFY your geographic eligibility.

Enter the 5 digit Zip Code of the area your organization will serve with the requested funds.

Please enter a valid 5 digit zip code.  

We are sorry. You don’t meet our geographical requirements and are not eligible.  

Yes, based on the 5 digit Zip Code you entered, you are eligible to continue on to STEP 3.  

*Note: FIRST TIME applicants requesting funding for international projects are not eligible at this time. International requests are “By Invitation Only” directly from DEW board members.

Determine if ONE of the following statements is true for you. (if none are true, then skip to Step 4.)
• You are a FIRST TIME applicant and passed the geographic eligibility test in STEP 2
• You are a returning applicant and you have NOT BEEN FUNDED IN THE PREVIOUS 12 MONTHS
• You are a returning applicant and you HAVE BEEN FUNDED FOR 5 CONSECUTIVE YEARS
If ONE of the above statements is true, you will need to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) by June 1.

You must read the NOTE below before clicking the LOI link.
NOTE: After the portal opens you will be able to click on “Apply” in the top left-hand corner of the webpage to begin the LOI process. Once the LOI is submitted, the LOI will be reviewed and you will receive an email with either a denial or instructions to complete the grant application. The LOI must be submitted online. A paper LOI will not be accepted.
CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT LOI by June 1. Grant portal opens March 1.

If you are a returning applicant, who HAS RECEIVED FUNDING IN THE PREVIOUS 12 MONTHS, but not in the last 5 consecutive years, CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT GRANT APPLICATION by August 1.
Grant portal opens March 1.

The DEW Foundation generally meets one time each year. As part of the application or evaluation process, an on-site visit may be requested and conducted. You will be notified ahead of time if that is required.

Refer to Frequently Asked Questions for additional assistance.

You are welcome to contact the DEW Foundation office if additional assistance is required.

How to apply