Grant Guidelines

Grant applications will be accepted after April 1.

  • Contributes to ministries, health, relief, education, community service, welfare, and arts organizations.
  • Contributes only to tax-exempt not-for-profit charities.
  • Primarily enables other organizations having vision and mission.  However, it may also fund its own charitable projects using grants to other organizations such as community trusts.
  • Does not contribute toward normal church operation.
  • Does not contribute to culturally liberal activist causes or to organizations that primarily seek to influence legislation or government spending.
  • Does not contribute to political parties or associated political organizations.
  • Seeks to encourage and empower personal charitable interest and involvement within our family. Charities which members of our immediate or extended family have hands-on involvement or desire to be involved, receive first priority.
  • Is guided by Christian teachings in deciding right and wrong, good and better, but is not limited to support only religious based organizations
Grant Guidelines